Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"05.01 Before You Write."

I plan to cover the topic of the rapid increase of teen deaths in Florida. For this topic my audience will be other teens throughout the states and parents of teens. This should be featured in television and radio seeing as though about 93% of people in the US ages 12+ listen to the radio weekly. (http://www.earnnewcustomers.com.) I would be able to interview other teens in the state and get their opinions, I will also be able to interview parents,teachers, and police officers. After my interviews have been conducted I could gather information from the interviews, and from research of statistics online for the state of Florida. One way to remain impartial to this subject is to not put any of my opinions or feelings into the report. I would have to be sure not to insinuate what I may think the high rise in teen deaths are being caused by.

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