Sunday, December 9, 2012

05.00 Reporter's Notebook

Writing is basically everything to me. The ability to write down my dreams, thoughts, and feelings is something that genuinely makes me happy. Whenever there's something going on in my life that I am unable to speak about or put into words for a conversation writing is always there. Writing is one of the most influential works of art in the world.Just think about how many poems and books have been translated into so many different languages. Writing gives you the chance to evoke emotions and thoughts into people that they didn't even know were there. You can go so far in depth with your writing that you even evoke emotions within yourself that you didn't know was there.

Because of the way I feel about writing and how closely tied to emotions I believe it to be, I don't think it is possible to completely write impartially. Although there are many credible news sources where you can get true and honest information, you can always tell a reporters true feelings and tone in their writing by their word choice, and facial expressions (if it's television reporting.) I feel this way because the human body and it's emotions are so powerful and the heart/mind wants and feels how it wants to, there's no hiding it no matter how hard you try.

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