Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"05.02 Source Materials: Research."

For my report I plan to consult 3 different people:
1. Orlando Police Department officer
2. Teen Parent
3. School Teacher
 After I get the opinions of those three people on the subject I plan to interview an officer and a teen student. If either of those sources fail I plan to interview a teen parent and a school teacher.

I expect the Officer to be a great source of primary and credible information. I believe this because of his occupation. I'm almost positive that the officer will have great insight of the teenage crime in Orlando.
The teen parent will help me to get the opinion of someone who this could hit close to home with. The parent may throw in their opinions of why they think the crime is becoming so prevalent, but I'll be able to easily tell the difference between what they know to be fact or truth. I believe that interviewing the teenager themself is very important. Often times teens know more information about other teens than any one else since after all, they are a teenager. I plan to conduct the interviews with everyone in public. I think that way it'll be more personal and truthful.

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