Thursday, November 29, 2012

"04.03 Ethos and Credibility."

I read am article on about the Benghazi attack and who was to blame.The article was written by two South African journalists by the name of Tabassum Zakaria and Mark Hosenball. Iol news is a news network/website ran by a news crew in South Africa. I figured since it was a none American site it might be better with helping me find true and unbiased information. I found out that is South Africa's #1 web source for information about whats currently happening worldwide. Also, after reading Iol's story to what happened that day in Benghazi, I compared to another article; This time it was written by an American journalist on I believe that Iol news is very credible because once compared with other articles that I read from America's POV they seemed to be just about the same.-the only difference is that Iol never blamed a single person for the troubles- The two reporters seemed very interested in letting the readers know that they weren't blaming anyone or taking any sides. Zakaria and Hosenball only quoted other  statements said by other people, neither of the reporters would agree or disagree with the quotes. The quotes that the two journalists used were all from reporters of news and government officials here in America. I found that the quotes came from very credible sources such as CNN, and the Obama administration. I find this article to be very reliable based on the comparisons, and research that I did to find whether or not if the information presented was credible.

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