Wednesday, November 7, 2012

04.02 Logic and Fallacies

I was once faced with the fallacy of being a "bandwagoner." During the time when the Twilight series was popular I wanted to be like everyone else and act as if I enjoyed it just as much. There was just one problem. I had never read or even seen a Twilight movie/book. I would google it sometimes in order to be able to sustain general conversations about it. I know that it was logical fallacy because I didn't care about the series, however seeing everyone else get into the hype made me feel like I was missing something not being apart of it. That's why I call it "getting on the bandwagon." At that time the hippest thing out was to be apart of the new "Twilight wave." Ultimately, I read the books, and watched the movies and realized that I actually did enjoy them and I became an honest, genuine fan. This time it was different because I was doing it for myself and not for others and their acception of me.

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