Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two types of guys.

There are two types of guys in my mind. I will now break it down to you.

Type 1: The 'Real' Guy - This is the guy that you read about in fairy tale stories, the guy that you hit your knees and pray for every night. He's the one that beats you to the 'Good morning' text every morning, He's the one that falls asleep texting you because he didn't want to say Goodnight. This is the type of guy that meets your mother, and immediately steals her heart. To you he's perfect. And I hate to use the word perfect because no one is perfect, but the minor flaws that 'Guy #1' does seem to have , don't even affect you. If only every guy was like this guy... But then again, every woman doesn't even want this one. Some ladies are more interested in......

Type 2: The 'Fake Guy Who Wants to be Real, But can't Quite Seem to Grasp the Concept of Being Real, and Therefore Appear to Be Fake' - OMG , THIS GUY. Poor freaking kid! He's so lost. He wants to be perfect for that special girl , but he does not know how. Therefore, he impersonates what he sees. He sees a guy saying a bunch of un-meaningful crap too a girl, and the girl obvi believes him And thats what Guy #2 begins to do. In all actuality he's a very innocent guy. He's just lost, and confused. BUT at the end of the day, Guy #2 is still an ASSHOLE!


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