Thursday, April 4, 2013

05.04 Elements of a Good Interview

Interview #1: 17 year old female.
1. What is your occupation? I am a part time server at Steak n Shake, and a full time High School student.

2. Do you have any children? No, I do not have any kids!
3. Do you feel the crime is related to economy? I feel like society is always trying to find a way to make excuses for the youth. I think that times have just changed and it's not as much discipline in our youth.

4. Do you think it's due to lack of a positive role model? I believe that sometimes that may be the case, But there are thousands of kids all over the world who grow up without positive role models and they don't result to crime/ know?
5. Is it possible that negative behavior can be due to a teens surroundings? When I was younger my mother always used to say to me "If you sleep with a dog, you'll wake up with fleas!" I think that holds some truth to it. If all you know is a crime ridden lifestyle, then that becomes very easy to imitate; But can be overcame.

6. Do you believe that teen death is a rising problem in Florida? The number of teens dying in Florida is crazy. Its also very scary. You never know if when you tell your good friend bye if that's a final farewell or not...It's definitely a problem. A BIG one.
7. Are you afraid for teens and the future generations.? Somewhat. It seems as though times are getting worse. I thought maybe they'd progress but it seems like we're all growing up so fast now.

8. Do you believe that it will get worse from here? I believe that things always get worse before better.

9. Do you think that more crimes are committed by males? I think more males get caught! Females are just better at covering things up because we think it through. Guys tend to react off of their adrenaline way more which then leads to them being caught easier.

10. What do you think could be done to solve/help reduce teenage crime? The punishments have to become more steep/crucial. Society has to stop babying the youth. Big boy crimes deserve big Boy time!

Interview #2: 29 year old Male.
1. What is your occupation? I work in packaging and exporting.
2. Do you have any children? Yes, 2.
3. Do you think this problem is related to peer pressure? I feel like in today's world a lot of kids all want to fit in. They all want to follow behind these new rappers, they all want to be the next "big star," it's all out of peer pressure to me.

4. Do you think that by bringing special attention to teen crime will be considered "overreacting?" No not at all. I think that is exactly what should be done. It's seriously getting out of hand and if we plan to cut it down or stop it completely we have to get it in the public eye because just a few people wont be enough.

5. Do you believe that if we punished teens harder it would make a difference in the crime? Oh yes, Definitely. We don't nearly punish them the amount we should.

6. Do you think that teenage crime is race specific? I think that teenage crime is exploited way more in the African American community, but I don't believe it's race specific.
7. Are you afraid for your child?  To an extent yes. Bad things happen regardless though. It's just always in the back of my head when my son or daughter go to school that something crazy could happen to them.

8. What steps do you think can be take to prevent this from happening again? Like I stated before, We have to get it out and punish the youth harder.

9. At the end of the day what would you like to see accomplished? I would ultimately hope for the youth to be safe and carefree again. I want it to all die down so that future generations can have that innocence again.

10. 10 years from now what are you expecting from our youth? I'm expecting them to all be more mature and appreciate how laid back America is and for them to accept all they've been given. I think they should be way more grateful.

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