Thursday, March 21, 2013

"06.00 Reporter's Notebook."

A journalist that I admire would have to be Nina Parker. Nina started her journey as an entertainment news correspondent for the popular celebrity gossip show TMZ. As one of the only African American reporters on the show I quickly grew to love her. In just 4 short months of working as a writer for the show Nina quickly grew to positions such as manager and producer of the company website. For 8 years now Ms. Parker has gained a plethora of experience since she first started. As her career has progressed she's met and interviewed many of todays biggest stars. I also believe that Nina has learned that being consistent and working hard will always get you to your goals.

These days you can catch Nina Parker on the prime time television show "OMG!Insider." Having this new job isn't that much different from the position she held on TMZ; However, the show OMG!Insider has a larger following and better accreditation. Since receiving the offer in 2011 to be a reporter for the entertainment show Nina's career has sky rocketed very quickly. I believe this to be a very high point in her career, but not the highest. I soon see Parker owning her own entertainment news company. Being Nina Parker is probably such an amazing feeling. Growing up in Chicago and making it to L.A on your own to chase your dreams takes big guts! To be in the same position as Nina takes a lot of dedication and thick skin. After years and years of trying Parker is finally reaching what she's climbed and strived for all her life. She is honest proof that faith and fate go hand in hand.

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