Thursday, July 11, 2013

"07.00 Reporter's Notebook."

      Before I started this course I thought that journalism only consisted of free writing. I never knew of the research needed before the writing process. I always figured that the purpose of journalism was to inform those who didn't know. I knew nothing if journalistic ethics before starting this course. I always knew that opinion writing was bias and based on your morals and I knew that there were specific times when that style of journalism was allowed but I never knew what impartial reporting was. From the sixth grade I've known that journalism was a career choice for me. At the gentle age of 12 years old I realized that writing was a passion of mine and something that I was good at.

     Now my definition of journalism has grown depth. I see journalism as a gift now, a pure talent that is God given. I still believe that the purpose of journalism is to inform the public. Journalistic ethics are very crucial to a successful report. It is very important to make sure you obey the ethics in order to be seen as an accredited writer. I didn't realize the importance until I started the course. I now that in order to be a reporter in the field that I'm leaning towards you must be impartial. It isn't okay to be bias in my reporting and I should steer clear of inserting my own opinions. I am still VERY interested in journalism as a career; If anything I am more interested now after going through this course. I believe that I have great potential to be very successful in this line of work. I believe that journalism is soon to become all radio, television, and internet reporting. Today in society everything is so electronic and gadgets are becoming more ubiquitous every day; Because of this the career of journalism is heading more towards broadcasting/public speaking.

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