Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Music! *Claps Hands*

Finally, I have come across something fresh, and full of quality!
During one of the rendezvous that my ant and uncle decided to embark upon, they stumbled across a gentlemen by the name of Marlon Ponce. According to the rappers old Myspace page he should be at least 21 years old now. That could totally be a lie however because every one lied on their Myspace pages! LOL. Anyway, he's Japanese and Honduran, at least that's what I read from their Swaglife website. He has a very nice way with words and a swagg/persona that easily puts him up their with todays biggest stars. Check him out. couple links below to find out more information about Mr. Ponce!

His Twitter
Btw, This is his crew. They're all GNARLY!!

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