Saturday, September 29, 2012

03.04 Slander and Libel

'A television reporter states that a witness is intoxicated and unable to properly describe the details of the scene. The witness sues the news organization for defamation of her character, explaining that she was not intoxicated at the time."

I define this as a case of slander. Since it was publicly spoken, not written it is not libel. I believe that the television reporter was in the wrong because it was not stated whether or not it was proven to be true that the witness was under the influence of alcohol. The witness was publicly humiliated by those who may have recognized her and knew of her. I believe that the television reporter should be forced to write an apology letter to the witness. The reporter shouldn't actually get a "charge" per se, since the witness didn't suffer any true harm. The reporter should also publicly correct the false statement against the witness. Slander isn't a heavy crime. More of a "civil wrong," therefore i don't believe any serious crime charges, or jail time is required. (

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