Tuesday, September 4, 2012

03.01 Code of Ethics

In my opinion there are five ethical rules that should be followed as a journalist.

1. "Be Honest" - Being honest in journalism means to always report the real fact. The raw information that actually occurred. Don't falsify information to better your own report. Never be bias towards a subject/person to make your work look better. Tell the truth at all times.

2. "Be Considerate" - Think of the people who could potentially end up hurt by any wrong doing you may cause. Always remember that all actions have consequences and if you're not considerate of the feelings that other people have, your work can come off sending the wrong message.

3. "Have accurate, dependable sources" - This pretty much explains itself. If you're not getting your information from a correct, reliable source then how can people know to trust your words? And in journalism your word is all you havr.

4. "Do not allow yourself to be bribed" - Never let someone pay you to get good publicity. Imagine a world where opinions, and "facts" could be altered based on what someone has. Imagine if someone was murdered and the person who killed them were able to get away with it because they had the right amount of money. How'd you feel witht that sick maniac walking around your neighborhood where your family and children live?

5. "Be Yourself" - Allow YOUR words to come through the paper in your work. Always be pollitically correct, of course; But never allow the style of someone elses work to influence what you've worked on for so long to perfect. Be original in your work of art.

These five rules are most important when it comes to journalism because it helps you to stay on track when trying to be the best journalist you can be. If you remember to be honest,considerate,accurate,true, and original work. The positive will come naturally. Readers and other types of consumers of your work will greatly appreciate it!

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